darkskiiezz said:

Does long distance ever get easier I mean I know he's worth suffering for but I nee to know 😐 I don't know why but er ya

Long distance is easy if you both put in the same amount of commitment, My Girlfriend lives in Puerto Rico and I live in Floirda, shes came to see me 3 Times now and im going their for her Graduation/Prom This may also shes moving here after highschool for college so i knew her and i would eventually be together for good and honestly thats what pushed me shes my first long distance Love. just If you both love each other and really commit than everything gets easier. Just make sure you are happy with the guy. I cant stress enough that you both need to Commit the same. Faster you see each other the better it gets. ( i don’t know how you guys are but this is the best advice i can give you, i really do hope its helps)

Don’t message me if your gonna send me shit like that last fucking idiot, I cant stand fucking assholes who don’t see the beauty in others relationship. probably why they are single because they don’t see beauty in their own relationships

Anonymous said:

how long do you think you and your gf will last because I want you

See this is why i dont get on tumblr because of people like you that have no respect for other peoples relationship.. so sucks if you want me because she has me and shes always gonna have me, so move on and dont message me anymore thanks